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AMP has no major donor. All of our program fees are funded through grants, donations from the community and tuition (which is a fraction of the actual cost and many families request donation assistance). 

AMP is a non-profit organization offering contemporary music education programs to the youth of the Coachella Valley — regardless of a family's ability to pay. We've seen how the act of making music with a group of people offers lifelong benefits that develop a child's mental health and interpersonal skills, while simultaneously empowering them to embark upon a musical pathway of play and learning that they can chase for the rest of their lives. Up to 75% of our students participate in our programs through some form of Tuition Assistance. 

AMP offers group performance programs to youth such as AMP Fall + Spring, AMP Summer, and preAMP. We also offer one-on-one Private Instruction, and community programs such as our Instrument Zoo. 

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 Help support a child through our program and become an AMP Angel by donating on a monthly basis.

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